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My tips for a hut or mountain wedding

For many people, the mountains are a place of longing, a haven of peace and a place of strength. More and more couples decide to say “I do” in a beautiful mountain setting in a hut or on a mountaintop. I love the mountains and as a wedding photographer I am specialized in weddings in the mountains. As a wedding photographer for mountain weddings, I accompany couples at their mountain wedding in the Allgäu, Oberland, Chiemgau – basically all of Bavaria – Austria and South Tyrol. May I join you on your journey?

Whether Allgäu, Chiemgau or Austria – there are beautiful wedding locations in the mountains everywhere. That’s why I have a very special blog post for you today. Here are a few quick tips for planning a wedding in the mountains. Well, would that be something for you? You can find reasons for a wedding in the mountains in this blog post here (German).

Anna Mardo, wedding photographer for your wedding with mountain love!

As a wedding photographer, I am specialized in mountain weddings in Bavaria, Austria and South Tyrol. On my blog you will find lots of useful tips for your wedding with a mountain view!

Fotografin Hochzeit Berge
  1. The Season
  2. The Weather
  3. The Accessibility
  4. The Style
  5. Registry offices with a mountain view
  6. Wedding venues for your mountain wedding
  7. Schwäbische Alb
  8. Bavaria
  9. Austria & Switzerland
  10. South Tyrol
  11. Frequently asked questions about a mountain wedding
Berghochzeit Tipps
Hochzeit in den Dolomiten

The season

Maybe you feel the same way: every year from April onwards, you eagerly wait for the hiking season to start. Then I look through my hiking guide and do some research, only to find that many hiking routes are still covered in snow and huts are closed until June.

Of course, this also applies to your wedding in the mountains. Many huts are only open in summer. Depending on the altitude, the main season is from June to the end of September. But your desired location will certainly be able to advise you best on this. And there are not only cool locations high up on the mountain. Many locations are located in the valley and are perhaps ideal for a romantic winter wedding?

In summary, choosing the right season for a mountain wedding is even more important. Are you imagining an outdoor wedding with mountain views and green meadows? Then late summer would be more suitable. Would you also like the venue to be in the valley? Then the period is much longer.

The weather

The weather also needs to be considered beforehand. A mountain wedding is naturally imagined under a bright blue sky. People who get married in the mountains are usually close to nature and like to be outdoors. Unfortunately, this factor is out of our hands and the weather gods can throw a spanner in the works. The advantage is that the weather in the mountains can change quickly. You should therefore simply prepare for all eventualities: Heat, cold, sun, wind and rain.

Tip: Get married above the clouds! Last year, I attended a wedding on the summit of Mount Jenner. At the mountain station it was still drizzling rain and gray in gray. After the gondola ride up to the summit, we were surprised at the top with dream weather and sunshine! That’s how it can be!

Fotografin Hütten- oder Berghochzeit Bayern
Regenhochzeit auf der Falkenhütte, Oberstaufen

The accessibility

Many huts can only be reached via cable cars, forest roads (and hiking trails). There are often very strict access restrictions. Parking spaces are also often in short supply. So find out in advance and organize a shuttle to take you up the mountain. When does the last gondola leave or can all guests stay overnight at the wedding hut?

The style

What style do you want for your wedding and what suits a wedding celebration in the mountains? An alpine wedding is often automatically more rustic and natural. A princess wedding with lots of glitter often looks out of place. Think about what you want and whether such a wedding location is right for you or not.

Hochzeit in den Bergen in Süditrol

Registry offices with a mountain view

Did you know? There are also registry offices where you can say “I do” on the mountain. For example, on the Wendelstein, the Almbad Huberspitz, the Pitztal Glacier or the Nebelhorn. I have summarized the most beautiful options in Bavaria and Austria for you in my blog post here.

Standesamtliche Hochzeit Berge - Wendelstein

Wedding venues for your mountain wedding

Schwäbische Alb

Kraterblick Steinheim


Wedding venues for a mountain wedding in the Allgäu

You can find more great wedding venues in the Allgäu on my blog: Die 33 schönsten Hochzeitslocations im Allgäu

Falkenhütte Oberstaufen Hochzeit für die Berghochzeit
Falkenhütte bei Oberstaufen

Falkenhütte Oberstaufen - Berghochzeit rustikal

Mountain wedding venues in the Miesbach & Bad Tölz area

You can also find more on my blog here Hochzeitslocations am Tegernsee & Schliersee.

Celebrate a wedding in Chiemgau area

Berghochzeit Location am Chiemsee
Lage des Eventstadl Seiser Alm in Bernau
Hochzeitslocation am Chiemsee
Location für die Berghochzeit

Austria & Switzerland

Heiraten in den Bergen Tipps und Locations

South Tyrol

Frequently asked questions about a mountain wedding

Can I get married on the mountain top?

Whether civil or religious: yes! Many registry offices now offer wedding ceremonies on the mountain. I have listed my favorites for you here. And as far as the divine blessing is concerned, you need to find a church on or near the mountain. There are many small mountain chapels. However, you usually have to bring your own priest. Of course, this depends on the church. A free wedding ceremony is of course possible anywhere and at any time. In contrast to civil and church weddings, you can choose any location you like. This is of course really cool because you can then really incorporate the mountain landscape.

Do I have to hike on my wedding day for a mountain wedding?

That’s entirely up to you. Many (most) locations are easily accessible by car or cable car or there is a shuttle to the location. At other (few) locations, the wedding day must or can be combined with a hike. As far as your couple shoot on the wedding day is concerned, you may have to walk a few steps to reach the coolest spot. In short: it depends on your choice of location. Of course, you should also keep in mind that all your guests (e.g. the grandparents) have the possibility to come to the location. I usually recommend my mountain-loving couples to simply plan the hiking part during an after wedding shoot or in case of an elopement.

Do a lot of couples get married in the mountains?

I have the feeling that mountain weddings are becoming more and more popular and there are more and more weddings in the mountains. Some venues are booked out well in advance.

Your photographer with a love of the mountains

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