“I give the moment permanence.” – Manuel Alvarez Bravo



I like this quote from Manuel Alvarez Bravo. Photography allows me to give duration to a very special moment: whether with wedding photography or my work in the field of portrait photography.

To make this moment last even longer, I would like to introduce you to my high-quality products.

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Wedding albums

Let’s create your own personal history book!

As a child, all my pictures always ended up in an album. At some point, I even carefully glued the pictures of my parents that were flying around. A photo album is like a history book – it tells the story of the past: your story!

Would you prefer to see your pictures on the wall? I would be happy to advise you individually and show you my products. There are so many possibilities.

Wedding Guide (German)

As a wedding couple, you usually have little experience of getting married. As a wedding expert, I have created the guide “Abenteuer Hochzeit” that gives you tips for your wedding day from the perspective of a wedding photographer. Unfortunately it is only available in German.

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