The most beautiful registry offices at lake tegernsee

Overview of the registry offices at Lake Tegernsee

From Munich, you can reach the beautiful Tegernsee in around 1 hour. A short drive out of the city and a dreamlike lake in a breathtaking mountain setting awaits you. Tegernsee.com writes on its website: “You can get married anywhere, but nowhere is as beautiful as Lake Tegernsee.” No wonder that so many bridal couples say “I do” here. There are beautiful registry offices around Lake Tegernsee and in the Tegernsee valley for your civil wedding at Lake Tegernsee!

Civil wedding in the Tegernsee valley

There are a total of six registry offices for bridal couples to choose from in the Tegernsee Valley. These include the registry offices in Bad Wiessee, Gmund, Kreuth, Rottach-Egern, Waakirchen and Tegernsee. The dates are allocated in the respective municipalities themselves.

There are also always weddings on Saturdays around Lake Tegernsee. During the summer months, weddings are usually held twice at Tegernsee Town Hall. The other Saturdays are divided between the municipalities of Bad Wiessee, Rottach-Egern and Gmund am Tegernsee. Information on the wedding calendar can be found on the Tegernsee Town Hall website.

  1. Tegernsee
  2. Bad Wiessee
  3. Rottach-Egern
  4. Gmund am Tegernsee
  5. Waakirchen
  6. Miesbach
  7. Fischbachau
  8. Schliersee
  9. Wendelstein

All registry offices at Lake Tegernsee

Tegernsee town hall, registry office in Tegernsee Town

The Tegernsee town hall is located directly on Lake Tegernsee. Not only is the building and its location beautiful, the hall is also a gem. There is room for around 20 people. Appointments are always made on the first working day of the month, a maximum of one year in advance.

Responsible registry office: Stadt Tegernsee

Rathaus in Bad Wiessee
Rathaus Bad Wiessee

Bad Wiessee town hall, registry office in Bad Wiessee

The registry office in Bad Wiessee is also not far from Lake Tegernsee. The pretty town hall offers bridal couples a newly renovated hall with an adjoining roof terrace (with mountain views). There is also a small dream room for more intimate weddings. You can see it here in the pictures.

Responsible registry office: Gemeinde Bad Wiessee

Rathaus in Rottach Egern
Rathaus in Rottach-Egern am Tegernsee

Town hall Rottach-Egern, registry office in Rottach

Rottach-Egern is located in the southern part of Lake Tegernsee. Weddings are held here in the council chamber of the town hall. The hall is typically Bavarian, mainly made of wood, but still bright. During the ceremony, you have a view of the forecourt and the mountains. I was able to attend a wedding ceremony here, which was conducted by the mayor. Conclusion: very warm!

Responsible registry office: Gemeinde Rottach-Egern

Gmund town hall, registry office in Gmund am Tegernsee

Personally, I’m a big fan of Gmund am Tegernsee (maybe thats the reason why I live here :)). It’s simply a beautiful place. The town hall has a bright wedding hall with a vaulted ceiling. The forecourt is also ideal for a champagne reception or congratulations.

Responsible registry office: Gemeinde Gmund

Waakirchen Town Hall, Waakirchen Registry Office

Waakirchen is about 10 km from Lake Tegernsee. You can get married here in the town hall. The wedding room is not too big and has wood paneling.

Responsible registry office: Stadt Tegernsee

Town hall Miesbach, registry office Miesbach

If you want to be a little further away from the lake, you can also get married in Miesbach. The town hall is located on a small square and the building is not particularly spectacular. However, the wedding room is a gem: a knight’s hall with solid wooden chairs and tables. In summer, weddings are also held here on Saturdays!

Responsible registry office: Stadt Miesbach

Rathaus Standesamt in Hausham
Wedding hall for the wedding in Hausham

Municipality of Hausham, registry office Hausham

The municipality of Hausham is not located on Lake Tegernsee, but the lake can be reached from here in 10 minutes. Unfortunately, the modern town hall is somewhat overshadowed by the other options. But I think it’s worth considering saying “yes” here. The new town hall, which previously served as a bank branch, was occupied in October 2019. Wedding ceremonies take place in a small outbuilding (similar to a pavilion). There is room for several guests in the bright, friendly and modern room and the Hausham registry office also put a lot of effort into their speeches.

Responsible registry office: Gemeinde Hausham

Standesamt auf dem Almbad Huberspitz
Berghochzeit im Almbad Huberspitz

Almbad Huberspitz, Standesamt Hausham

The Almbad Huberspitz is also part of the registry office in Hausham. In my opinion, this is one of the most beautiful registry offices in the mountains. The Almbad is a small alpine pasture at 1050m with a view of the surrounding mountains and Lake Schliersee. Another special thing about this location is that it can only be reached on foot or by shuttle. You can find more information here on the Almbad Huberspitz.

Responsible registry office: Gemeinde Hausham

Standesamtliche Hochzeit in Fischbachau

Rathaus Fischbachau, Standesamt Fischbachau

26km from Lake Tegernsee in the Leitzach Valley is the village of Fischbachau. Admittedly, this is one of my favorite registry offices. Here, bridal couples can choose from three different wedding rooms in the historic town hall. The registrar goes to great lengths and the atmosphere is simply warm and welcoming.

Responsible registry office: Gemeinde Fischbachau

standesamt fischbachau
Rathaus Schliersee Hochzeit
Rathaus Schliersee

Town hall Schliersee, registry office Schliersee

Schliersee is also a great place to get married! The historic town hall and the town hall hall are a real gem and offer space for 30 guests. It is also not far to Schliersee for beautiful wedding pictures. Find out more here: Standesamtliche Hochzeit im Standesamt Schliersee

Responsible registry office: Markt Schliersee

uriges Rathaus Schliersee
Hochzeitsfotografin für Miesbach
Standesamtliche Hochzeit Berge - Wendelstein

Registry office on top of the Wendelstein, Bayrischzell

For the end, I have saved my personal favorite place of all: Getting married at 1724m! The municipality of Bayrischzell offers wedding ceremonies on the Wendelstein on Fridays. Weddings with a view take place in the Wendelsteinhaus.

Heiraten auf dem berg Wendelstein
Standesamt Wendelstein

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