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I'm Anna, photographer, traveler, nature lover, mountain girl, wine lover and taurus. For me personally, seeing beauty in everything, celebrating live every day and to live your dreams, are the most important things.

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About – Anna Mardo

I really love to travel (Reiseblog I Travel Dates) but at the same time I’m deeply rooted in my homecountry. Coconuts, candy, moose, Estonia and soppy music make me happy. In the mountains, I can recharge my batteries best. Feeling the sunlight on my skin, smelling the forest, listening to birds singing and the wind blowing in my ear. That’s what living feels like for me. Perceiving nature with all my senses. Is there anything more beautiful? I love to laugh and enjoy life. 

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"Meeting people is what makes life worth living."

The most beautiful stories in life are written together. Every adventure, every journey, every stage of life is more beautiful if we can share it with somebody. You decided to walk through life together? I can't wait to capture your story!

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