Mountain Weddings & Elopements

Wedding Photography in the Alps


Do we share the love for the mountains and for nature? That’s my passion and I want you to feel this in my work as a photographer.

My work is like the wind:
…sometimes very calm,
…and intimate
…sometimes stormy
…quite wild
…and loud!

I want to dance with you like a leaf blowing in the wind and celebrate your love and life!


stories & emotions

Hochzeitsfotograf für eine Berghochzeit in Bayern


Hochzeitsfotograf Bayern Anna Mardo


Capturing love stories for more than 10 years. And still for me, there is nothing more fulfilling than accompanying couples as they celebrate life and love!

I’m your wedding photographer for your wedding in the alps

Capturing your wedding. Authentic. Timeless. Real.

My philosophy

I do believe that it takes much more to be a good wedding photographer than a camera and a pretty preset.

Dealing with different lighting situations is just as important as quickly adapting to changing situations. You need an eye for details, people and moments. A good wedding photographer is everywhere, but won’t be noticed. She or he is a stylist, wedding coordinator, entertainer and friend, too.

But the real key to capturing a wedding day perfectly is empathy, sensitivity and a feeling of the right moment. To sense when a big smile or a loving touch is about to happen. It’s about the right balance between conducting and observing. In the end the results need to be real, unstaged, and send you back to the very moment for years to come.

Love Letters

Luisa & Thomas

“And now we actually have beautiful pictures of us like the ones on her website.”

After we were a bit stiff at the beginning, Anna quickly loosened things up with her cheerful, relaxed manner and we felt comfortable – you can see that in the pictures. She had lots of different ideas about what we could do to make the pictures look less stiff and posed, which we thought was really great.

And now we actually have beautiful pictures of us like the ones on her website. 

Anna also captured all the important moments for us at the wedding ceremony. You can feel the emotions so well when you look at them today. On the wedding day you hardly noticed that she was there.

Nadine & Pascal

“We were really looking forward to the after wedding shoot!”

Anna’s structured, uncomplicated and loving manner takes away any fear or discomfort in front of the camera. Her precise instructions -on what to do and where to do it – are just great. She puts so much effort into every picture that we were sometimes afraid she would soon fall down the mountain!

But to summarize it was a wonderful day with a beautiful shoot and unique pictures that brought tears to my eyes. Thank you so much Anna!

Sarah & Fabio

“You dear Anna were our “lucky charm”!”

The way you take pictures, so unobtrusive, so calm and not at all intrusive, is really unique. One can tell that photography is your passion and that you are passionate about your job and the pictures you take! Dearest Anna, if we could, we would love to relive the day and you would always be our first choice as a photographer. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the beautiful pictures of one of the most beautiful days of our lives!


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