Wedding on the Zugspitze – Civil wedding on top of the Zugspitze

Anyone who has read a little bit about my website knows that my heart beats for mountain weddings. A civil wedding high up on the Zugspitze was on my bucket list for a long time. When I received the request saying “We are getting married as a couple on the Zugspitze and would like you to be our wedding photographer”, my heart beat faster.

Heiraten auf der Zugspitze
Heiraten in den Bergen

Getting married on the Zugspitze: it’s not that easy

Getting a date for a civil wedding on the Zugspitze is not that easy. I’ve already had couples who wanted to get married on Germany’s highest mountain, but in the end it simply didn’t work out because the dates are so coveted and limited. What do I mean by that?

This is how it works: Wedding on the Zugspitze

Weddings are only held on the Zugspitze once a month (always on Wednesdays). Requests can be submitted by e-mail or fax exactly six months before the desired date at midnight. With only a few weddings per day, you can imagine how quickly these dates are booked, namely within a few minutes. Wedding couples can also find all the information here: Bürgerservice Garmisch.

Hochzeitsfotografin am Eibsee

Lake Eibsee as a backdrop for wedding photos

But now to my couple’s wedding day this summer. The wedding ceremony was already scheduled for 10 am. This had the advantage that there was hardly a soul around when we started our couple photos at 8.00 am. We started with the wedding photos at the Eibsee, which lies at the foot of the Zugspitze.

Hochzeitsfotos Eibsee
Braut am Eibsee
Fotograf Hochzeit Eibsee
Eibsee Hochzeit
Hochzeitsfotograf am Eibsee
Eibsee Hochzeitsfotografie
Hochzeit auf der Zugspitze
Hochzeitsfotograf Zugspitze
Standesamt auf der Zugspitze

Registry office on top of the Zugspitze

Then we went up! The Zugspitze is 2,962 meters high. However, civil wedding ceremonies take place at 2,600 meters in the rooms of the Sonnalpin. This is located directly on the Zugspitze glacier. So that was our next destination. A very beautiful, emotional wedding ceremony followed.

Trauungen auf der Zugspitze
Zugspitze Heiraten
Standesamt Garmisch auf der Zugspitze
Standesamt Zugspitze
Heiraten auf der Zugspitze
Hochzeitsfotograf auf der Zugspitze

Wedding photos on the Zugspitze

When you get married on the Zugspitze, of course you have to capture the mountain world in the pictures. With quite a strong wind, we then used the breathtaking backdrop for more wedding pictures. I could have gone on forever. Just so beautiful! When we had photographed every beautiful corner, I said goodbye and took the gondola down. My wedding couple continued to enjoy the mountain atmosphere.

Berghochzeit auf der Zugspitze
Hochzeitsfotos Zugspitze
Heiraten Zugspitze

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